Kickstarter Campaign by Susan Johnson

After two years of archivist work, I, along with several friends and family members, have turned our focus to fundraising. Our first project that needs immediate funding is for the scheduled exhibition, Quiet Revolution: A Survey Exhibition Of The Works And Practices Of Theo Wujcik. Please take a moment to check out the really groovy rewards for your generous support. Thank you for any help you can contribute.







The elephants are free.... by Susan Johnson

David Bowie died today. Still wrapping around that and how deep it runs within. That's how the day started. That's how it is ending.

Something happened between this morning and this evening. Something bigger and more emotional for me to grasp. I met a local artist. He knew Theo. Had spent some time in the studio. Shot photos here. Talked about doing a show together. 

I met Chris Kelly on Instagram two days ago and invited him to the studio not knowing anything about him or that he had even known Theo. His name was familiar though so I kind of figured they had known each other. 

Chris and I began to riff. I need a lot of help. He followed along as I spoke about Theo in the same way a pinball bounces around a pinball machine. He got it. He stepped up.

Astonishingly, as I rambled on the topic of the DJ flyer inspired works, Chris mentioned he spotted one he had designed, laying in the box I have them collected in on my Instagram photos. He reached in the box and pulled it out saying "I wish Theo had used one of my flyers"... as he held it up I saw the backside (or the side that was laying face down), and I was sure it looked familiar. I rushed to look it up on my computer... there it was!!! "Invisible Elephant". We were both blown away!!!

Another thing happened today. The circus elephants are being released to an elephant conservation.... they never have to perform in the circus again... 

Good bye David Bowie. I miss you Theo Wujcik. The elephants are free.

Tampa City Council.... by Susan Johnson

The Tampa City Council is honoring Theo Wujcik on January 7th, 2016 with a posthumous City Commendation for his extraordinary art practices, teaching, and generosity to the cultural community in the Tampa Bay Area. Our daughter, Frankie, and I are honored to accept this award on behalf of his family, Anna Wujcik, Kathryn Wujcik, Valen Tenney, our friends and community. Please feel free to attend this special event on the 7th at 9am sharp at Old City Hall.

photo by Amy Martz from his solo show at Tempus Projects in 2012

Impotent Sea Snakes by Susan Johnson

In late 1990 and early 1991, Theo performed with the Impotent Sea Snakes. He dressed in drag and painted on stage... dancing, sloshing paint, and reverberating along with the band and audience. I found these treasures in a soldiers foot locker (he bought the locker at the old Army-Navy store on Tampa Street... I was in heaven in that shop) this morning... love starting the day with great new discoveries. Amazing playlist with plant splashes.... 

Theo Wujcik Legacy Foundation by Susan Johnson

Just arrived in NYC for a meeting with major Book Publisher, Dan Giles, along with world renowned Art Critic and Author, Carter Ratcliff. To say that I am excited barely expresses my true feelings. I am so honored to be representing Theo and working tirelessly on getting him "in the books" as one of his dearest friends, James Rosenquist, encouraged me to do after Theo's passing. No doubt, there are many, many friends, family, and colleagues that are so delighted to know his profound and prolific works and life are being preserved. It is with great hope that there will be further scholarly study on him. It was a unique time that Theo, myself, and our daughter, Frankie, enjoyed during his illness. How lucky we were to laugh, cry, grumble and fumble our way thru it. Everyday since Theo's passing has been filled with joy as I fulfill his hopes and dreams for his legacy. A legacy that has the deepest roots in some of the most important contemporary art genres. His collaborations and friendships with a number of leading art world figures of our time have made it so easy to connect the dots. I am humbled by the enthusiasm I've been shown by Giants.