Theo Wujcik Legacy Foundation / by Susan Johnson

Just arrived in NYC for a meeting with major Book Publisher, Dan Giles, along with world renowned Art Critic and Author, Carter Ratcliff. To say that I am excited barely expresses my true feelings. I am so honored to be representing Theo and working tirelessly on getting him "in the books" as one of his dearest friends, James Rosenquist, encouraged me to do after Theo's passing. No doubt, there are many, many friends, family, and colleagues that are so delighted to know his profound and prolific works and life are being preserved. It is with great hope that there will be further scholarly study on him. It was a unique time that Theo, myself, and our daughter, Frankie, enjoyed during his illness. How lucky we were to laugh, cry, grumble and fumble our way thru it. Everyday since Theo's passing has been filled with joy as I fulfill his hopes and dreams for his legacy. A legacy that has the deepest roots in some of the most important contemporary art genres. His collaborations and friendships with a number of leading art world figures of our time have made it so easy to connect the dots. I am humbled by the enthusiasm I've been shown by Giants.