The elephants are free.... / by Susan Johnson

David Bowie died today. Still wrapping around that and how deep it runs within. That's how the day started. That's how it is ending.

Something happened between this morning and this evening. Something bigger and more emotional for me to grasp. I met a local artist. He knew Theo. Had spent some time in the studio. Shot photos here. Talked about doing a show together. 

I met Chris Kelly on Instagram two days ago and invited him to the studio not knowing anything about him or that he had even known Theo. His name was familiar though so I kind of figured they had known each other. 

Chris and I began to riff. I need a lot of help. He followed along as I spoke about Theo in the same way a pinball bounces around a pinball machine. He got it. He stepped up.

Astonishingly, as I rambled on the topic of the DJ flyer inspired works, Chris mentioned he spotted one he had designed, laying in the box I have them collected in on my Instagram photos. He reached in the box and pulled it out saying "I wish Theo had used one of my flyers"... as he held it up I saw the backside (or the side that was laying face down), and I was sure it looked familiar. I rushed to look it up on my computer... there it was!!! "Invisible Elephant". We were both blown away!!!

Another thing happened today. The circus elephants are being released to an elephant conservation.... they never have to perform in the circus again... 

Good bye David Bowie. I miss you Theo Wujcik. The elephants are free.