by Susan Johnson

Thank you to Katherine Gibson of ArtHouse3 for this terrific image of Theo just after they hung "Global Concern" in the law offices of Schumaker, Loop, & Kendrick, downtown Tampa.... Katherine tells the story of how moments after the installation was done, they heard the wire snap and Theo leapt so quickly to the aid of the falling painting, she explained that all time slowed down in the moment as she watched Theo heroically catch the painting before crashing against the edge of a piece of furniture, thus avoiding damage to the painting! Soon after, he strikes this proud pose!

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love boxes.... by Susan Johnson

Being absorbed in the tedious process of archiving is heaven. Boxes make the sorting so much quicker and even fun! As I comb thru stacks of assorted ephemera of Theo's life, I find us having conversations in my head... as though I know what he might say in response. It's a lovely way to be living... 

So much to share... by Susan Johnson


Recently, I was able to locate and schedule a shoot of Tampa Tornado. This afternoon, our documentarian, Garrett Brown, and I met at a really beautiful home in Lutz. To our surprise, and delight, we were also able to shoot Aesthetic Cripple Fleeing NYC and a painting from the Dog Days of Summerline exhibition, both from his ModoDado period. 

Watch for the upcoming Save The Date invitation for the TBBCA's annual fundraising Gala event, The Impact Awards ceremony, in October... it will be featuring Tampa Tornado!!

It's official!!! The Blue Chip paintings will be on display at the Bob Rauschenberg Gallery, opening on May 29th thru the summer. 

Starting in June, we will have our first authored essay.  The first of many we hope!


Hidden gems... by Susan Johnson

This article on Cezanne led me to think about how Theo had occasionally painted over finished works due to the lack of materials.  I often wonder if I will ever see them again.  

I have a photo of a portrait that Theo did of me in 1992.  He painted my portrait over what I consider to be an important painting... : \

Unfortunately, I am still trying to figure out how to download photo's on! Working on it today.  


Note to teacher by Susan Johnson

Theo taught his youngest daughter, Frankie, how to etch a zinc plate when she was 7 or 8 years old.  She took the plate to school for show and tell at school.

The plate from Theo's youngest daughter, Frankie's etching, "Tabby Cat"

The plate from Theo's youngest daughter, Frankie's etching, "Tabby Cat"