A Legacy... / by Katherine Hill

Today we recognize the 1 yr anniversary of Theo's passing and celebrate the beginnings of his legacy. 

Today, March 29th, 2015 marks the one year anniversary of Theo’s passing.  To commemorate this important date, we have launched a new (in beta still) website  for TheoWujcik.com.  As our facebook followers know, I have been archiving a tremendous amount of documents that Theo produced over the majority of his lifetime. It’s been an honor, a joy, and my pleasure in posting some sweet discoveries along the way and some of the sorrows as well. 

Since Theo’s diagnosis in late October 2013 of cancer, our journey together, along with family and friends, was a beautiful and precious time filled with love, laughter, tears, and lot’s of activity in the studio until his death. 

As anyone knows that has lost a loved one, the journey is not always easy.  But I am grateful for every lesson learned and the light and love that continues to guide me.  Theo and I spent a great deal of time talking of his hopes for his children and his legacy.  

I have begun the steps to secure his legacy with a Survey Exhibition planned for early 2017, a major monograph, a documentary and finally an interactive website.  

The purpose of this new website will convey the essential qualities of Theo’s working practices thru scholarly investigation into his life, body of works, and within his prolific archives of journals, photo albums, notes, letters and maquettes.   Much of which the public has rarely seen.

It is an opportunity to discover the significance of his work.  From his early years of study firmly planted in the American Modernist tradition, his skills as a Tamarind-trained Master Printer, his inventiveness, and ultimately, how his works can be understood in the broader Contemporary Art movements.

It is with heartfelt hopes that this website will evolve and become a living document meant to inform and engage academia and the public.  The website features a ZINE for monthly cover stories and assorted quotes from over the years.  I  will be blogging daily to keep you informed of any updates or events and will continue to include notes, ideas and articles that Theo gleaned from. 

Your input is wanted…stories, photos, letters, anything you would like to share and create for an ongoing conversation.  Everyone that knew Theo, or knew of him, is integral to his history.  He loved collaboration and it is here that we can further the collaborative process with him and each other.